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Designed by Soohan Chung | Editor Amy  McGaughey

Our Team

                Ella and James Rowland

               The Inspiration to our Team

Our founding inspiration and the reason we are dedicated to providing transportation to those in need. Ella suffered from Glacouma and James' license was revoked after a near fatal car accident. We gave them transportation assistance for 5+years individually.

Bob Carr

Founder & CEO


After retiring as Founder and CEO of Executive Adventure, Bob and his wife founded Common Courtesy, Inc. Bob has extensive work experience in the corporate sector as well as proven entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Anne Carr

Founder & Outreach Coordinator


Anne is a professional photographer who helped found Common Courtesy. She is a long time resident of Atlanta and has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of older adults and those with disabilities 

Meg Quigley



Meg is a graduate from the University of Mississippi with a bachelors in Fine Arts. She joined us in 2016 and is largely responsible for all new Rider Registrations. Meg is married to Blake and has two beautiful girls. Somehow she finds the time to make us successful too.

Clare Payne

Chapters & Sponsorship's


Clare oversees Chapter operations and financial management. Clare is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, and she is married with two wonderful sons. Clare works closely with Anne to support Sponsors and Partnerships.

Soohan Chung

Technology and Systems Engineer


Soohan is a Georgia Tech mechanical engineer alumnus who is switching gears to pursue a profession in healthcare. Soohan is serving as our website developer and designing ways to enhance user interface as well as optimize logistics. 

Caitlin Barnhart

Caitlin is an Atlanta native who attended Christ the King and Marist. She received a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development from the University of Georgia. Caitlin then attained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. While Caitlin is an RN, she came to realize that she also enjoys teaching, and has been teaching preschool for 6 years. Caitlin recently joined the Common Courtesy Rides team as well.

Carolina Martinez

Travel Logistic Coordinator 


Carolina has dedicated countless hours to consulting with our riders and coordinating their trips. With her help and hard work, Common Courtesy has grown to where it is today. Her kind and caring demeanor with our valued riders is the key to our success in providing trips to thousands.

Sheryse Navarro

Travel Logistic Coordinator 


Sheryse was a family caregiver for several years and has a Masters in Aging Studies from Wichita State University. Both of these experiences have contributed to her passion for advocating for the needs of older adults. Sheryse joined Common Courtesy in 2017 as the director of our Kansas affiliate and expanded her work with us as a member of the Travel Logistic Coordinator Team in 2019. 

Anton Taylor 

Travel Logistic Coordinator


Anton is a third-year Computer Science major at Georgia Tech. He hails from Decatur, Georgia. A new addition to the TLC team, Anton has jumped into our work with enthusiasm and is swiftly becoming one of quickest coordinators. 



Mercia Clayton

Travel Logistic Coordinator

Mercia is an avid Gardner and traveler. She has lived in the UK, South Africa, and Germany before emigrating to the United States in 1999. She and her husband are the proud parents of a canine child named Oliver. Mercia has worked in the hotel industry, owned her own restaurant for 20 years, and owned a business that employed 35 women to make ceramics in the Limpopo region of South Africa. She's been working for Common Courtesy for 2 years and has a passion for our work.

Joseph Jones

Travel Logistic Coordinator


Joseph Jones was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Joe, a life-long musician is known as Chicago Joe in the Atlanta music community and has taught guitar, bass, and ukulele for over twenty years in Atlanta and has played in most of Atlanta’s music venues including Northside Tavern, The Variety Playhouse, Blind Willies, and Smith’s Olde Bar. 

A senior himself, Joe Jones is a devoted father and grandfather who very much enjoys serving the Fulton County senior community with Common Courtesy.


Joanne Topps

Travel Logistic Coordinator

Joanne moved to Atlanta from the Chicagoland area in 1992 with her two daughters. As a senior herself, she finds it very rewarding to help our seniors get rides around town and save them money as well.





Dana Heard

Travel Logistic Coordinator

Dana is a born and raised Atlanta resident. She is a licensed cosmetologist and was brought onto the TLC team by her father Joe. She has made our team a true family affair.

Mackenzie Sicard

Travel Logistic Coordinator

A first year Industrial Engineering student, Mackenzie is a Georgia Tech Clark Scholar. She has a love for the older community and joined Common Courtesy in March of this year. 






Amy McGaughey

Communications and Social Media Intern

Amy is a 4th year Georgia Tech student majoring in International Affairs with a certificate in Social Psychology. She was a lifelong resident of Macon, Georgia before coming to Atlanta for college. Well-rounded healthcare is one of her passions and she feels that Common Courtesy is a wonderful outlet for her enthusiasm.









Kristen Topps

Travel Logistic Coordinator



A photography and fashion enthusiast, Kristen has been working in the Atlanta film industry as a costumer for more than five years. She likes to write, travel, and take cooking classes. A lover of Atlanta, she is constantly exploring the city for new things to do.









Esse Togbenou

Travel Logistic Coordinator




Esse is a third year economics major at Georgia Institute of Technology. She has a passion for helping others and joined Common Courtesy in April of this year.







Aletta Cromberge 

Travel Logistic Coordinator

Aletta Webb Cromberge was born in SouthAfrica. She, her husband Allen and daughter Candice~Leigh moved to Atlanta in 1994 and have been in the USA for 25 years. In South Africa she worked as a credit controller for a meat distribution company for 10 years. After her daughter was born she was an aerobic instructor.
After moving to the USA, she worked for a Software company for 13 years as an administrative assistant. Her hobbies are decorating and working out. She and Allen love spending time with their daughter her husband and their lovely grandson Charlie.









Aldric Koolman

Travel Logistic Coordinator

Aldric is a fourth-year Industrial Design major at Georgia Tech. He was born in Mobile, Alabama but was raised around the world.









Kafui Togbenou 

Travel Logistic Coordinator

A first year biochemistry major at Georgia Tech, Kafui plans to pursue a career in Pharmacy after she graduates. She is from Atlanta, Georgia. 









Sha Buckhines

Travel Logistic Coordinator

Sha, an Atlanta native, is a fitness and yoga professional. Her passion and work with seniors brought her to CC. Along with work experience, she has a desire to support the growth and vision of the company, with the same love and care shown to her grandparents by its founders. When not working with CC, you can find her with her ever doting partner Donnovant, and their two handsome boys. 









Christy Fiftal

Travel Logistic Coordinator


Christy graduated from Wake Forest and was a teacher for many years until having a family. She has have lived in Atlanta for 14 years, and has 4 children. 







A Host of Volunteers

Rider Support and Communications


A very special THANKS to all of our many Volunteers serving in so many areas to make this program successful. Without YOU it could not have happened.