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Designed by Soohan Chung | Editor Amy  McGaughey

Opening an Account


To ensure that all of our riders have a safe and positive experience all riders MUST have a cell phone



If you would like to buy rides for someone else or a group of people, ALL riders must be registered. Please Note that you will be able to access rides ONLY after you have received your Rider ID and instruction package..





2. Pay the one-time $15.00 registration fee. If you paid at the end of the registration form                     above, skip this step.



Please be click "Pay by Card" on the right and then input all of the information including the

name of the rider at the bottom of the page. 



3. If you are not joining an already existing chapter, then create a new chapter 

    (for multiple people) or a personal account (for yourself, a friend, or family                                     member) by following the directions here.



Steps to Becoming a Rider