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Designed by Soohan Chung | Editor Amy  McGaughey

Opening an Account


To ensure that all of our riders have a safe and positive experience all riders MUST have a cell phone

Please fill out the contact form below. If you desire to open a personal account then please include the name of the person it is being opened for. If you desire to open a chapter then please include the name of the chapter, a point of contact, and how many members you expect to use the service. Even if the members are part of a chapter, they still must register with Common Courtesy separately

Opening a personal or chapter account

Steps to become a rider

Open personal account or join a chapter

If you are opening a personal account for yourself or someone else or opening a chapter, then that can be done by following the instructions below. If you are interested in joining an already existing chapter then please indicate which chapter on your rider registration. 

Register with common courtesy

The registration form can be reached by clicking here

Pay $20.00 one-time registration fee. Then start riding!

This can either be done through the link at the end of the rider application or by clicking the link here. Please click "Pay by Card" on the right and then input all of the information including the name of the rider at the bottom of the page. 

Final Steps

Wait to receive your Information Packet and Welcome Letter with Rider ID from us. If an email is provided it will be used to send this information. Otherwise you will receive by regular mail.


***If you would like to buy rides for someone else or a group of people, ALL riders must be registered. Please Note that you will be able to access rides ONLY AFTER you have received your Rider ID and instruction package.***